Spring Rose Eyeshadow Collection
Spring Rose Eyeshadow Collection
Spring Rose Eyeshadow Collection
Spring Rose Eyeshadow Collection
Spring Rose Eyeshadow Collection

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Spring Rose Eyeshadow Collection

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These gorgeous, pigmented eye shadows give you a beautiful zero waste solution to add to your makeup routine. Buy all 4 or pick them up one by one! Please note these are not pressed eyeshadows, they are loose mineral powders. As always, these shades ship plastic free and these containers can be returned under our ship-back program.

- Pearly Peony -

This beautiful soft lilac pink color has subtle gold and silver shimmer making it your next go-to color for every day wear. Use it to brighten the corners of your eyes or to cover your lid for a soft shimmery look. This color can even be used as a powdered highlighter for warm, soft glow.

- Antique Gold -

Antique Gold is no ordinary gold, sparkly all over this color has a lovely coppery undertone. Packed with pigment, add a new metallic to your collection with this sustainable, shimmery color. Antique Gold complements any warm shade as well as other metallic colors. Wear a light coat for every day wear, or layer it on for a fun night out.

- Not Grandma's Roses -

A fun take on a classic brick red, this color has (biodegradable) gold glitter flecks and rust red undertones. Made to make a statement, this color flatters any skin tone and adds a pop of color to your every day look. Apply this color lightly to enhance any look or layer it up to make a bold statement. Either way, it's a color that's sure to impress.

- Dark, Dirty, and Earthy -

This is a dark dusty brown that's easy to layer to make the perfect smoky eye. Subtly shimmery, this dark brown accents any colors you have to give you the perfect eye makeup. This color might not look like much, but a light layer can coat the lids to give you a dark every day shade or can be layered up on your brow bone to further enhance your eye shape.

Net cont: 1g

Ingredients: sericite, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, kaolinite, magnesium stearate, mica & iron oxide pigments