Makeup and skincare without
the wasteful packaging
Beauty that's better for you and the planet

Beauty without the waste

Most beauty products are packaged in plastic that's destined for the landfill. Zerra & Co. products are packaged zero waste, so you can feel beautiful without hurting the environment.

It's literally the most perfect mascara!

"It's rich in color, it's lightweight doesn't clump at all, doesn't smudge and doesn't flake!" - Edmarie C.

Switching to refillable beauty is easy

1. Buy your starter container

Pro tip: Subscribe to save 10% and automatically receive refills so you never throw a plastic tube away again.

2. When you're empty, order a refill

Refills cost less than the starter and use less packaging, which helps save the planet and your wallet.

3. Send us back your empties

Your empties will be cleaned and reused so they don't end up in the landfill. Send us an email to get your free return label.

Over 25,000 plastic tubes diverted from the landfill

One tiny little tube really does add up to a big impact. Join the thousands of customers who've made the swap to zero waste beauty and never looked back.

Tired of plastic pollution?

Here at Zerra & Co. we know you're tired of all of the plastic waste in your life. You want to be more eco-friendly, and first step is to break up with wasteful plastic packaging.

The problem? No matter how hard you try it's difficult to avoid, leaving you frustrated and overwhelmed. Companies are often vague and misleading with their packaging claims and they put the burden on you to keep it out of the landfill by calling it recyclable.

We believe plastic waste shouldn't be your problem, it's should be the companies who make it in the first place. That's why we work hard to make sure our packaging is never destined for the landfill. We design everything to be easily re-used, recycled, or home compostable.

Here's how it works: First you buy your starter product. Then when you're empty, you buy your refill and follow the instructions. After you have at least 2 empty containers, send them back to us for free to be cleaned and re-used.

So make the switch to zero waste beauty to stop contributing to plastic pollution and start being a part of the zero waste revolution.

Certifiably Sustainable