About the Brand

Zerra & Co. was founded in 2018 by Hailey Graef in Baltimore, MD with the mission to provide safe, natural and easy to use low waste cosmetics. Since then, we've grown into a small woman-owned and run business and continue to take strides in the cosmetic world towards a more sustainable future. All of our products are available to shop online and ship carbon neutral, straight to your door. You can also shop in-person with any of our retailers


Every one of our products is handcrafted here in Baltimore by people who love the environment just as much as you do. We don't use any parabens, silicones, synthetic fragrances, coal-tar pigments or any petroleum-based ingredients. We skip the frilly, gimmicky ingredients and only stick to simply, quality ingredients that work.


We offset the carbon footprint of all packages shipped from our online store.

When it comes to materials, our mailers are entirely paper-based and everything we use to ship is 100% compostable and recyclable. Yep, even the tape is compostable!


All of our packaging is created with sustainability in mind. Our containers are either 100% compostable/biodegradable, refillable or are eligible for our Container Return Program.

While we do have plastic components in some products, any plastic used is kept to an absolute minimum and we only include what we feel can be reused over and over.

Container Return Program

We do our best to make sure none of our containers end up in a landfill.

You can return any of our glass or metal containers in good, working condition with the lids for a store credit

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