Container Return Program

As part of our zero waste mindset, we want to make sure none of our containers end up in a landfill. As a result, our containers are either 100% compostable, or eligible for our container return program. Return any of our glass or metal containers in good, working condition with the lids for $1 of store credit, minus the cost of the shipping label. This is to encourage larger return shipments of containers to help us keep costs low and reduce emissions from shipping. Most shipping labels cost $2-$4 depending on where you are in the US, so we encourage you to send as many containers as you can.

As an example, let's say you ship back 5 containers for $5 of credit. You'll email us your address and how many containers you're sending back. We'll email you back with a paid return shipping label. Then you just package up your containers and drop them by any post office! Upon receiving your containers we make sure they're in reusable condition, and if they are we clean them and reuse them. We then subtract the cost of the shipping label, let's say it's $2, and give the difference to you back on a gift card. In this example the customer would get a $3 gift card.

But what if you only want to send one or two containers back? The process is still the same, you just likely won't get store credit. If the label costs more than the store credit value of the containers, we'll pay the difference. You can however still feel good knowing that your containers won't end up in a land fill, and will be reused and loved by another customer.

Ready to return some containers? Email us at to get started!

Not sure if your container is eligible? If you answer yes to all of the following questions, good news, it is!

  1. Did you buy the container from Zerra & Co.?
  2. Is the container made from glass or metal?
  3. Does the container have a lid and is in good condition (not broken, no large dents, only minor scratches)?