Introducing our Zero Waste and Refillable Setting Powder for a Flawless Matte Finish

Introducing our Zero Waste and Refillable Setting Powder for a Flawless Matte Finish

"Okay Hailey, you created a refillable mascara in a glass tube that was so good it convinced other companies to make the switch ( 👋 Welcome to the club Elate, we're glad to see the plastic-lined tube go). What will you revolutionize next?"

When we launched our Setting Powder in 2019, we got dozens of complaints about the packaging. It was too bulky, fragile, and overall customers felt like it was a waste. The message was clear: while people loved the clean, high-performance formula they hated the packaging. So, I began searching for an alternative.

Customers wanted something that was made to last a lifetime, endlessly refillable, plastic-free, all at an affordable price.

Sound impossible? Not to us.

After years of tweaking and polishing we’re delighted to introduce you to our one of a kind Bamboo Sifter Container. It checks every box:

✔️ Zero plastic components.

✔️ Endlessly refillable.

✔️ Affordably priced.

✔️ Easy to use. 

Okay, what about the Setting Powder itself? We got feedback that the one shade wasn’t inclusive for darker skin tones. So we went back to the drawing board and created three sheerly tinted shades to fit any skin tone. Just to make sure we were on the right track, we tested them on a variety of skin tones and the verdict was clear: the tints were a winner.

Customers who loved the previous formula, don't worry we didn't change too much. Just like the original formula our Setting Powder has a sheer, almost invisible, flawless matte finish. It applies matte with a light, silky soft finish that smooths rather than hides skin. If you love a barely there coverage that blurs and feels feather light, you’ll love the Setting Powder!

The best part about our new refill system? Our Setting Powder Refills are half the cost of the starter jar, making it one of the most affordable setting powders on the market period. Our pricing is competitive even when compared to plastic encased, synthetic drugstore powders. Now that’s a zero waste win.

Setting Powder FAQ's

Q: How is this zero waste?
A: The Bamboo Sifter Containers are 100% plastic free and our refill pouches are 100% compostable, so with every refill there's nothing leftover for the landfill.

Q: Help! How do I refill the jar?
A: First and foremost, our Setting Powder can be messy! Be sure to refill in a place that's easy to clean in case of accidents. Unscrew the lid, and gently pull the sifter out with your fingers. If you can't pop the sifter out with your fingers, grab a paper clip and make an L shape it with it. Thread it through one of the holes and use it like a crow bar to gently pry the sifter out. Open you refill pouch, pour the contents into the base of the jar, and toss the pouch into the compost. Push the sifter back in until it's flush with the jar. Screw your cap back on and you're done!

Q: Nothing's coming out of my sifter or it's flowing too slowly, how do I get more product out?
A: When you try to get product out, be sure one of the holes is clear of product so air can get in. If air can't flow into the base, powder won't flow out! We recommend tipping it so the holes are oriented like a diamond with one hole at the top to let air in so the other three can let powder out. 

Q: How do you recommend I apply the Setting Powder?
A: We recommend tapping a little bit of product into the lid, taking a large fluffy powder brush and swirling it around into the product in circles. Swirl it around until all of the product is on the brush and in an even layer. Tap off excess into the cap to avoid waste, and tap the powder on.