Tips and tricks on how to use our refillable loose Setting Powder

Tips and tricks on how to use our refillable loose Setting Powder
Is your makeup bag ready for summer? Temperatures are climbing again and it's time to break out the Setting Powder to keep skin matte and makeup in place. Our new formula is available in three shades, and comes in a durable, refillable, plastic-free sifter container. 
Our old formula was only available in an un-pigmented off white, and while it was intended to apply invisibly, we came to realize that's just not realistic for every skin tone. When we reformulated we kept it talc-free as always, and added a touch of pigment to help it blend invisibly with all skin tones. We also said goodbye to our old recyclable paper containers and brought in our new refillable bamboo containers that are 100% plastic free and zero waste. To refill your sifter, simply unscrew the top and pop out the sifter to start your endlessly refillable makeup journey.
What is Setting Powder and how is it different from loose Mineral Foundation? Setting Powder is a powder with minimal to no coverage that focuses on mattifying skin and keeping makeup in place, while loose Mineral Foundation focuses on coverage and evening out skin tone.
New to using loose Setting Powder? Here are a few tips and tricks we've found to help you get the most out of this mattifying powder. And yes, these work for other brands too!
Tip #1
There's nothing worse than opening your loose powder container and watching a cloud of powder go EVERYWHERE. Not only is it a mess to clean up, but you're wasting precious product! To prevent this, just put a reusable cotton round between sifter and cap when traveling to avoid powdery messes. Or if you have it, use a powder puff!
Tip #2
Having trouble evenly coating your brush and getting a patchy application? This can cause parts of your face to be oily and greasy while others are a thick, heavy, powdery mess. For a more even application, apply from the lid of the container rather than the sifter. Just dispense powder into the lid until you have enough and if necessary, dump any excess back onto the sifter. Swirl your brush around in the lid until it's evenly coated. If your brush has uneven or clumpy coverage, keep swirling! It'll even out and give you the perfect application.
Tip #3
Want to pack light? We get it, luggage fees are no joke! Setting powder is not only great at mattifying skin, but it's also great at mattifying greasy hair! Ditch packing bulky dry shampoo bottles and just pack your setting powder container instead. Just like applying to your face, you can use a large fluffy powder brush for the perfect application.
Ready to grab your Setting Powder? You can pick up your perfect shade here. If you're not sure which of the setting powder shades is the best fit for you, you can always email us at for a free shade consultation!