We're donating 15% to COVID-19 Relief

The Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent quarantine of communities has caused many households to lose their livelihood and income. While thinking about how we can do our part during these incredible times of need, we've decided to donate 15% of all purchases for the month of April to Americares. 

Data has shown April could be the month where the U.S. is hit the hardest by Coronavirus, and health care providers across the nation are in need of our help! Zerra & Co. has chosen Americares as they directly support the medical industry to help limit the impact Covid-19 has globally. They're helping to support preparedness, containment efforts, response and recovery activities for areas affected. They also make sure over 98% of donations made go directly towards much needed resources. 

We also encourage you to donate directly if you can here, and above all, wash your hands and stay inside whenever possible!



Hailey Graef

Founder & Formulator

Zerra & Co.