Zero Waste Valentine's Day Gift Guide

We’re getting close to that time of year where you are frantic to get your significant other that perfect gift, or when you just want to treat yourself to something, since no one else will (except maybe your mom). It’s hard to find something that you know will be a hit gift, but that’s also sustainable and guilt free. So, we made this zero waste Valentine’s Day guide to help!  Let’s get some zero waste Valentine’s Day gift ideas going!

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Zerra & Co. Makeup Bundle

But maybe makeup isn’t the gift for you, now what? There’s all sorts of options to find zero waste or low waste gifts for anyone! Check out a few of our favorites below.

Get it “Neused”

Whether it’s something like books, home goods, or clothes, one of the best ways to get someone something new without feeling guilty about creating waste, is to find something secondhand! As a booklover, nothing means more than someone grabbing me a book that made them think of me. Knowing that it was second hand and comes with a story only makes it more special!  Plus, things you can find secondhand are often better quality than anything you could buy them today. Go to a thrift store, consignment shop, or even a Goodwill and find that little thing that will make them feel extra special.

Vintage Shop

Get something repaired or repurposed

We all have those favorite things that we loved too hard. Grab your significant other’s favorite item that they can’t wear or use anymore and get creative! If you can’t get clothing fixed, get it turned into something new that they need. I have tons of old band shirts that I don’t wear, but are mementos from happy times in my life, so I’m turning them into a quilt! I don’t have to lose my favorite things, but I get rid of clutter, and get a great gift out of it!

Sewing Machine

Make them something

Maybe these other options don’t work for you, try making something! Whether it’s dinner, a card, or whatever way you can be creative, go for it. My husband knows how much I dislike cut flowers and how I can’t keep a plant alive to save my life, so he makes me a dozen (or more) cookies instead! And why go out and spend a ton of money to sit in a crowded restaurant when you can cook at home? Maybe even together!

Pizza & Wine for Two

Get an experience

Maybe a cooking class, a hike, or just spending a night in with netflix, sometimes just spending time alone with someone is enough. Sometimes the best dates are just taking the time to find someone’s favorite activity and sharing it with them.

Couple Walking in Rain

I hope these ideas help anyone stuck in the Valentine’s Day panic! Let us know what you end up doing for Valentine’s Day in the comments below! Whether it’s with your significant other, a friend, or by yourself, treat yourself to a nice day doing something you love.


Heather Curran

Content Curator

Zerra & Co.